We are listening to all your desires to flower, with our talents and in the place of your choice, your birthday.

You want to organize your birthday? You like our universe? Contact us, we will set up your flower decoration project for your party.​

Organize your birthday, make you vibrate … La Petite Fleuriste will know how to decipher your most original thoughts. Tell us your wishes, we will make them happen, with our greatest care.

La Petite Fleuriste sets your most beautiful birthdays, wherever you want: By the sea, on a boat, on land, in a beautiful garden, or in a restaurant.

The word anniversary comes from the Latin anniversarius, meaning: which returns every year.

A birthday is a very special day … First think about the bouquet and the floral arrangements of your choice. You could, for example, offer flowers of the month of birth of the person who is blowing out their candles.

Often chic and magical, sometimes bucolic or romantic, but always unique, your birthdays will be decorated with our flowers, made to measure, faithful to your desires and your personality.

Remember that flowers have a language. A subtle and elegant language. White symbolizes purity, refinement and elegance. Purple expresses the delicacy and depth of feelings. Red suggests the heat and warmth of feelings. Yellow evokes light, harmony and the sun. Pink is devoted to softness and tenderness. You choose !

“No one is young after forty, but you can be irresistible at any age,” Coco Chanel.


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