My name is Aurélie Damoiseau. I am from Belgium. I come from Strée, a small Walloon village. I spent my childhood in the heart of the countryside. I loved the sweetness of life that reigns there and especially the quality of human relationships that have been there for a long time. My grandparents were farmers. From my earliest childhood, I started to compose bouquets with flowers selected and cut in the fields, according to my taste and following my emotions.

My parents raised me with respect for nature and crafts. Becoming a florist therefore naturally imposed itself to me, like a true passion. At the age of 18, already having a developed sensitivity to floral art, I decided to take classes and become a professional florist. So I left my country…

Two years later, I graduated from a CAP in Liège. I moved to Cannes where I started working with the biggest florists, including Daniel Pichon and Jean-Raymond Gally. I signed up and obtained a professional BEP with Jean-Raymond Gally, best worker in France, in Cannes.

I was thus able to adapt my “northern” art to the techniques that I was taught in the Alpes-Maritimes. I then decided to continue my studies and successfully obtained my master’s degree, in order to be able to transmit my knowledge teaching at the Faculté des Metiers in Cannes.

My greatest professional accomplishment was to have accompanied Hervé Frezal, in 2019, one of the best workers in France and to have been part of the France team for the florists’ world cup. I finally opened my store in 2005, but quickly decided to opt for creation of a workshop that better matches my expertise.

In this way, I can favour and really invest myself in relationships with my clients. I really appreciate deepening this bond with my clients, being naturally very invested. I can devote more time to perfectly understand their needs. You can reach me here:

I enjoy getting up in the morning every day to work with natural, healthy and colorful products. Mixing materials and colors is my passion.

I follow my clients during their moments of happiness, weddings, parties, communions … just like moments of grief … Everything I do is done with my soul and my heart, to offer you a top-of-the-range, tailor-made service.

“I have always preferred the madness of the passions to the wisdom of indifference.”Anatole France.


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