Beautify your workspace!

You want to improve the well-being of your employees? To transform your workspaces into more inspiring and pleasant places? Have flowers delivered to your company or hotel!

Shops, offices, hotels, open spaces, etc. La Petite Fleuriste offers you the opportunity to “flower” the well-being of your employees and enliven your interiors with a vegetal breath. It’s the promise of an escape of the senses for your hosts.

We beautify your coworking spaces, business centers, offices, reception desk, showrooms, medical offices and shops.

It is indeed proven that the greening of workspaces, congress or vacation places, like hotels, increases the daily well-being and therefore, the productivity of your employees. Surrounded by colorful bouquets of flowers and floral decorations, your customers, hosts, patients and collaborators will feel more relaxed and confident. Your artisan florist will find the best composition of flowers that will integrate best in your spaces. For any order, contact us to bring a green touch to your professional world.


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